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Just put up a new post on my blog!

This one comes with a warning: If you’re a creationist and you know you’re sensitive about it, I wouldn’t recommend this read. However, you should buck up and read it anyway. (:

So I discovered that I created a Blogger years ago and never used it, so I fixed it up and now plan to use it to spew my feelings on issues. Here is the first post.

“A kick in the teeth is good for some, but a kiss with a fist is better than none.”

It was a very different change of pace than you had imagined; and what you had imagined had already been beyond anything you knew. But it was your niche, your place. In this city of Kirkwall, capital of oppression and greed, you found not a home exactly—but a duty. There were so many here that needed help. You, Abigail Amell Hawke, would do what was necessary to help them.


I just updated my Dragon Age II fanfiction Kiss With a Fist with chapter thirteen! Anonymous reviews are allowed, so please drop me a line about what you think! As a writer I can only improve with feedback. (:

The wasp nest            The cabinet shop for Olen Construction is in the corner of the property, against the road with its own driveway and address. On the side of this building, while Louis worked, the sawdust was dumped into neat piles to be shoveled away. Very often they let these piles grow until they became sawdust dunes, my own personal desert. As a kid I jumped and slid through them or got lost in the Sahara. I’d return home nearly monochromatic because I was so covered in dust. One day I took my Tamagotchi Pikachu with me, and to keep it out of the dust I stepped up on a loose board to set it on the small shelf next to the sawdust vacuums.

Sharp   Quick  Pinprick
Another after another.
I reach at the pain in my side
Grasp the insect,
And toss it away.
More and more,
The whole nest,
No, more.
Must be half a hundred.
Gran’ma hears my screams
from across the property.
Echoing through thirty-five acres:
Make the pain stop.
Make the fear stop.
Take away the stings.
Who’s gonna save my Pikachu!?


"Athens" Collection from January 18, 2014 in Athens, GA

Camera: Nikon D5200

It’s like seeing a blue sky (2011)
by C.A. Swaim

It’s like seeing a blue sky,
Through a black lattice;
The bars of a dark jail.

It’s like hearing laughter,
Echoing down a long hall;
But you don’t know which room.

It’s like nursing a wilted flower,
That’s given up;
Starved for water.

It’s hard to believe that exists,
Only because it doesn’t exist for you;
Why does it exist for me?

"Selfie" Collection from March 30, 2014 in Norton, VA

Camera: Nikon D5200

"The Fathers Swaim" is the name of my documentary narrative I’m writing for creative writing. My focus is on my grandfather and father and their construction abilities and how that’s an art. The piece is a mixture of poetry and prose, but since my biggest weakness is poetry I wanted to post the current two poems in the piece and see if I can get some feedback.

* * *

Poem #1
A gentle pluck
Dissonance, a frown

A gentle pluck
This repetition isn’t insanity

A gentle pluck
Clear sound
Ready to play.

Poem #2
Like Rome, rise fast and hard
Build strong and vast
And then be resilient.

Like Rome, expand and evolve,
Protect the land
But do not stretch thin.

Unlike Rome, do not fall
Into a ruin of brick and nail
But bow out gracefully.